Services ​​GMP auditing

9. June 2021

Zicura is a service provider which offers to conduct audits of suppliers. Audits are part of a functioning quality management in the area of pharmaceutical manufacturing.

In the area of ​​GMP auditing, we offer you the opportunity to audit your suppliers – also as a cost-efficient shared audit, if convenient.

Our GMP services include:

Auditing of your suppliers (supplier audits)

• Manufacturer of solid and semi-solid dosage forms, liquids, sterile and aseptically filled products

• Contract laboratories

• Manufacturer of e.g. chemical and herbal active ingredients

• Manufacturer of excipients

• Primary and secondary Packaging manufacturer of materials such as foil, glass and plastic containers as well as closures, printed packaging materials such as instructions for use, labels and folding boxes


• Planning, implementation and tracking of corrective actions

Audit reports already created

• Reports on already audited companies may be purchased

Your contact in the area of ​​GMP auditing:

Dr. rer. nat. Elena Jimenez Negro

Please scan the QR Code or get in touch via:

Tel.: 0049 5921 7802 79